5 thoughts on “Speaking Of Hellas Covers

  1. I’m gonna smack the Hellacopters when I see them. WHERE ARE THE BACKUP VOCALS ON THE CHORUS? I like it fine otherwise. The original is a perfect song and it’s rarely a good idea to cover a perfect song, but Rare Earth also had a hit with what’s supposed to be a live version in ’69-70. The album had an exotic domed cover. The album version takes up a whole side and that’s way too long, but at least for dancing it stands up all through. The single is damn good and the drummer is a motherfucker. Great snare sound too.

  2. Keith Moon was never that tight. His meager virtues inhere in his looseness.And who are you to disparage noisy guitars?

  3. That’s a relief. I thought for a minute you were going soft, in a Hellas comment of all places. I should have known better. Mea culpa.

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