Good Or No Good?

There’s a lot of Springsteen love on this site and I figured this might be something them lovers ain’t heard, since Bruce didn’t let Kevin Rowland include this on his album of covers (that infamous album with Rowland in crazy drag) due to Rowland’s lyrical changes.

Found this while searching for Janis Joplin at Hellacopters gigs.

My apologies to all the other Remnants for not commenting (posts have been extra interesting and comment-worthy lately), but my comment tool is broke – no kidding – and Peter is working hard to fix it.

5 thoughts on “Good Or No Good?

  1. Mystery No. 1. Why are you having this commenting problem, and I’m not? Not blaming you, Steve, but at least some of the answer lies in that. What browser are you using?

    Mystery No. 2. Why did Kevin Rowland think this is a good idea? I like the Runners, quite a bit of the time anyway, but I do not see the point in prettying up the Boss’s bombast. I have to admit, I kind of liked the way they made the edges a little softer, made it swing a little more, as music to listen to, but that’s an Irish-y thing, no? The original kills because it really does go hard. So I don’t see the point, but I commented on that already.

  2. The album this comes from is all covers. It got a very good review from MOJO, but they love Rowland. I listened to the whole thing and thought it was awful. I liked the song selection but did not like his versions.

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