It Was Reet Petite

We’ve discussed Kevin Rowland and Dexys here before, maybe too much. This is fucking bizarre. The high-stepping bass player, the worried accordion player, the fiddler who just won’t sing with enthusiasm, Bob Geldorf on acoustic guitar. . .

In typical backwards fashion, I’ll confess that Too-Rye-Ay led me to Moondance.

One thought on “It Was Reet Petite

  1. Van Morrison had his moments for sure. He’s another one with a few Approved songs and the rest are down the memory hole. Really he had a nice run of about five albums. I always liked this next one. I’d call the lyrics Dylanesque except they are more specific and better for it. Van sings the shit out of it, my only complaint is that the backing is limp except for the organ.

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