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It’s an annual happy day today as my Fantasy Baseball Guide magazine arrived in the mail. Though I’m neither kissing a man nor smoking a fag in this year’s edition, it made me think of this Wire Pink Flag classic.

Every forming hardcore band that could hardly play covered this in the early 80s.

Thank you Peter Kreutzer and his superhero alter ego Rotoman.

4 thoughts on “Saw Me In A Mag

  1. Yes, thank you Peter for putting out the best mag on the stands. Not only that but Fantasy Baseball Guide has made the other mags better by setting the bar so high. I’ve read the whole thing already. I always hunt for what I call the Barry Bonds Award, given for the cheapest Pick of the year. I might nominate my own Corey Kluber but I didn’t say “he’s going to be good,” I said he was the #1 pitcher and that’s not too cheap I hope. Same thing with Pianowski’s Altuve pick. Tell ya, I haven’t found a really egregious Pick or Pan yet. Let’s rock.

  2. I did a previous-year study one year to determine if quantity of Picks or Pans held special predictive powers. They don’t.

  3. Me too. My calculating was a bit ham-handed because there’s always some hemming and hawing, but I had the touts’ accuracy at about 54%.

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