Why Can’t My Musical Tastes Grow Up?

Stumbled into this tonight and I love most everything about it:

3) The musical equipment

2) The video premise (beautiful chicks just hanging out in your backyard listening to you play)

1) The guitar solo (about every wonderful guitar solo cliché known to man in two wonderful solos).

My apologies to the rest of the website.

2 thoughts on “Why Can’t My Musical Tastes Grow Up?

  1. Steve knows this crowd. Careening guitars, rockin’ drums, casual but cute misogyny, we can admire the rock, but is this where we want to live?

    For my part, I really like this tune. It’s pretty Hellacopters, and the louche disregard the band has for the very upper class surroundings suggests that these are rich boys. Rich boys love iconic gear as much as the next guy, and they can freakin’ afford to pay for it.

    My first comment was going to be, “Super Nordic,” which would have been very savvy, except they are Australian. Other side of the world. Their Wikipedia page has a lot of fans notes on it, comparing them to AC/DC.

    Great recording, for sure, and I’m with you on the video. Still think they’re rich boys, but that’s okay if they rock.

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