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For a long time, when I include a youtube link in my comments, it doesn’t flesh out, leaving a plain, unappealing link to click. Earlier today, the whole thing went kaput as when I typed all this in as a comment, it gave me some security error and nothing stuck at all.

So I’m doing this as a new post, lest I waste my time trying to comment again. Here we go:

I’ve always thought of Smithereens as a second-generation Hoodoo Gurus, a band I liked a lot way back when, but whose music doesn’t hold up for me anymore.

Early on in the Smither’s career, I read something that their goal was to combine The Beatles and AC/DC. A noble pursuit for sure, not that they ever achieved it. (If you want John Lennon and Black Sabbath – for real – it’s Uncle Acid.)

Got excited when I saw Tom’s title, anticipating a Smithereens cover of the original Behind The Wall Of Sleep. Oh well.

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  1. The coincidence has been eating me up since I posted this (like it has everyone else who reads Remnants, obviously) and I found this in some article about things no one knows about The Smithereens:

    “Behind the Wall of Sleep” shares its title with a 1970 Black Sabbath song; DiNizio saw Black Sabbath perform at Union Catholic High School in Scotch Plains in 1971.

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