Time To Go Back In The Kadavar Water

I bought an album by German band Kadavar a couple years ago and liked it OK, but I found it a little too straight Sabbath rippy to hold my interest for more than a couple listens.

Classic Rock magazine told me tonight that their new album, Rough Times, is uncharted territory for them. This song has perhaps just enough pop sensibility to make the whole thing work better. I’m gonna give Rough Times a try.

The drummer’s eyes, the singer’s teeth, the hairbrush at the end. Intriguing!!!

2 thoughts on “Time To Go Back In The Kadavar Water

  1. Excellent retro graphics upgraded for today. Made me feel both old and young at the same time.

    The song seems pretty generic, but the singer’s enunciation is strong and it’s hard not to like the drummer.

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