Obit – Grant Hart – Husker Du – 9/14/17

Husker Du drummer Grant Hart died of cancer today at age 56. Zen Arcade was in my top 50 album list and the Huskers were true pioneers of the melodic dissonance sound copied a billion times over since their heydey in the 80’s. I was fortunate enough to see them live at some dump in Philly in their prime.

Of course, Husker Du is not in the Rock Hall. We need the space for rapper Tupac and seventh-rate copy punkers Green Day.

I know this is a song written by Grant and sung by him too. Adios, amigo.

6 thoughts on “Obit – Grant Hart – Husker Du – 9/14/17

  1. I like almost every Husker tune I hear, the only thing that keeps me from digging them to the nth is that I don’t like muddy guitars. I love distortion but I like it as bright as possible, which I know from experience is much harder to do than it sounds. The band is always on, and you know I like melody with my noise, and I don’t care how many people imitate it. It’s like the electric 12-string guitar, there is still plenty of ore left in the vein.

    Never saw ’em live but I wish I did. The sound is better.

    • “Diane” is a great song, “Metal Circus” is a great album/EP. I almost always prefer the studio version.

      This live version, though, is what punk rock is all about – they don’t sound exactly right, they certainly don’t look right.

      It’s what’s so offensive to me about Green Day – safe, perfectly contrived, cookie-cutter punk out of a cereal box, for 12-year-olds.

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