5 thoughts on “It’s A Man’s Man’s World

  1. I did see them at the Fillmore 15 years ago, and they unfortunately proved to be both boring and unoriginal after the third song. They saved Its a Mans World for the end and it wasn’t worth it. Maybe the worst headline band I have ever seen.

    • I guess I could fathom boring, but unoriginal seems odd. Was it just four guys doing guitar, bass and drums?

  2. singer, keys, guitar, drums. what was unoriginal was everything sounded the same so by the time they covered JB it was just more of same. so, boring and redundant. i was really disappointed. i figured some great musicianship and interesting multi media shit, but it was crap.

    trying to think of bands i really didn’t like. little feat, after lowell george were dull, and holy smoke, who opened for the who touring on Who’s Next were really bad, and i found the savage eye really dull.

    i have seen a lot of bands i don’t remember any more, but not that many i really just didn’t like. but in general, one of the few times i felt like just leaving a live concert was the residents.

  3. Saw the Residents with Snakefinger on guitar and (I think) Penn Jillette singing in a smallsih club in Sydney Australia back in the 80s. They were really, really good. I am a big Snakefinger fan and that helped a lot, but they were not samey, they had some real dynamics and the singer put on a good act. The 2 guys who I think were “The Residents” spent a lot of time swapping big old floppy disks into and out of their keyboards (samplers? emulators?). It was a very good show, if a little puzzling.

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