The Biters Forge Ahead

Things to know:

1) I feel guilty for liking this Bolan forgery so much.

2) It’s the “soco, soco, soco. . .” part.

3) They’re not even from Sweden! Atlanta, actually.

4) The singer is prettier and probably half as masculine as Joan Jett, whose look he forged. (Joan Jett did plenty of Bolan forging herself so it all comes full circle.)

4 thoughts on “The Biters Forge Ahead

  1. This track is shit, but it is glorious shit. Sounds great, means less. Some sort of critic could explain that, but as much as SOUND matters, meaning matters too. The brilliant get both going at once. #jeepster

    • I’m sure this is a pissing match better had live over beers, but I’ll just say:

      1) Please define “meaning.” I get that early Springsteen has it and “O Bla Di” doesn’t, but give me a song that just quite makes it and one that just quite doesn’t.

      2) Are there actually songs that have so much meaning they still make a good song despite shit music? Because you only have to go down a few posts to find the opposite. Perhaps you’ll instead give me the meaning in “Black Dog” or deny its greatness.

      And, by the way, I began with the new, second Biters album and it’s surprisingly good altogether. At best they’re T. Rex and Slade, middling they’re Sweet and at worst they slip to Def Leppard.

  2. What I meant was that the Biters copped the sound and added cliched and meaningless (or derivative or hateful) lyrics to add value. This is the modus and bane of hair metal.

    When T Rex uses the same sound to say I am not a Jeepster for your love, which is a declaration of love, it exhalts. The Biters go stone cold about their girls. This is the opposite thing.

    I think that difference matters a lot. I could be wrong about the Biters, it’s one song, but I’d like to hear a song that isn’t a cliche and does something different.

    I will have another beer.

    • Interesting. I would never have thought of the “Jeepster” story as positive and the “Stone Cold Love” story as negative. Don’t know that I’d even think that far, period, in terms of poppy, good-time stuff. Although I will say the lyric is “Girl, I’m just a Jeepster for your love” so I don’t understand where you hear “I am not a Jeepster. . .”

      We may have given both these lyrics more thought already than the authors.

      And I will have another beer too.

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