More Baseball Fun

Outfielder Franchy Cordero was recently brought up from the minors for the San Diego Padres. The last guy I knew named Franchy (sort of – no idea if it’s even pronounced the same), was early Misfits guitarist Franche Coma, who plays on the legendary Bullet EP – and other stuff – of course.

And about the fifth youtube comment down is from “J Sickels.” Doubt it’s the same guy but if so, that would be so much baseball fun our heads would explode.

Truth be told, when I bought this single as a 17-year-old I didn’t think music could get much better than this. The early genius of the Misfits still holds up.

So when you see some dumbass little kid poser at the mall today in his Misfits t-shirt, punch him in the stomach for Franche Coma and Franchy Cordero.

3 thoughts on “More Baseball Fun

  1. I don’t remember this cover art, which is memorable. Makes me think I didn’t see this.

    But I don’t know the Misfits much. They were a band I ignored at the record store, mostly because they seemed second wave. Copyists. But I like the vocals on this, and the bass. It’s kind of pro forma punk, well played, and that is way better than pro forma hardcore, but it takes sass, crunch and smarts in the vocals to put this stuff over. This cut makes it, I think, but I can’t imagine choosing to listen to it again, unless I wanted to suss out the words.

    Hope that isn’t too harsh.

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