Jonathan Demme has died.

Jonathan Demme’s life is rightly noted for his versatile and diverse talents and interests, though his love of music seems to be the unifying connection between his genre films, documentaries, blockbusters, and humanitarian work. I liked much of his oeuvre, maybe not as passionately as some, but I admired his restless and generous life. And when I heard the news I thought of this, as I’m sure did many:

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Demme has died.

  1. Here’s the fight. Something Wild landed at the same time Scorcese’s After Hours did. I liked the Scorcese, because I’m biased and because it was set in my neighborhoood. It was close.

    Something Wild is really good, with great music and a more challenging narrative, if I remember right.

    Thanks for the clip Tom. Great and important song for Something Wild.

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