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We recorded this a couple of weeks ago, and originally I was going to wait to “master” it, but the more I listen the more I want it exactly as it is. It’s not hard rock but it is hard pop. This one has Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag) on drums, and might be the softest he has ever played, at least on the  verses. I played everything else and wrote the song, the girls are in fine form, and if Cecilia Webber is not a GREAT singer I don’t know what a great singer is. Cecilia just turned 15. I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. I’d really rather say nothing, but that might be more hurtful (lest you think I ignored it) than giving my truth, which is, this just isn’t my thing. Honestly can’t say I can tell you anything wrong with it, it just isn’t my thing. It’s me, not the presentation.

    I certainly could imagine some big-time producer running this through a meatgrinder and turning it into a slick pop hit.

  2. I’m not hurt. You listened. What gets me is all the fake music lovers who don’t even listen. All they care about is the past.

  3. Too true about the past. If memories were all I had, I’d rather drive a truck.

    Cecilia has a terrific voice, and I’ve liked all the cuts those girls have done with the Stents. You guys manage to get all on heavy and loud in a punk metal way on the chorus that is very unmodern and sounds like original and catchy genrebending music, rather than Steve’s meatgrinder.

  4. Thank you, I really appreciate that, because I don’t give a shit what genre the rocknroll is. It’s about the songs.

  5. Hey Gene, I run a music website ( and we like to feature a “record of the day” for our audience each day to listen to. Do you mind if we share a bandcamp link for one of the Girls Next Door songs? (I was thinking of featuring the Little Eva cover) Cecilia definitely has a great voice! Cheers Ben

  6. Great, I have it scheduled for Monday, May 15th. I will send you the link once it is published.
    Also, just to let you know, I heard Girls Next Door on the BaseballHQ Radio podcast. Music is only one of my loves, the other is Rotisserie Baseball. Funny how they can sometimes meet.

    Thanks again,

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