Stevie Wonder Week at Slate

They’re publishing 17 pieces about Stevie Wonder over at Slate this week. The idea seems to be an effort to appreciate our greats before they pass on, which is a nice idea but also a bit embalming of someone who is alive.

This story about the greatest Beatles cover has links to many of the stories. It also has a video embedded, but I’ll embed it here, too.

Is this really the greatest Beatles cover? Off the top of my head I think I’d go with Wilson Pickett’s Hey Jude, but I’m sure I’m forgetting something even better.

6 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Week at Slate

  1. I’ll go with Chuck Berry doing “Roll Over Beethoven.”

    Seriously, strange how I’m hard-pressed to think of great Beatle covers, yet it’s usually pretty easy for other classic bands.

    Perhaps The Beatles got it right the first time more than anyone else.

  2. I assume Steve knows that Chuck Berry wrote Roll Over Beethoven. Can’t say I much like ANY of the other covers I’ve heard. They mentioned The Feelies, who did a good job on this one, but I wouldn’t say it beats the original.

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