Descendents new album

Bill told me it’s selling really well. The band is way more popular now than they ever were. I think they haven’t given an inch musically or lyrically, indeed they’re better both musically and lyrically. I can’t understand a lot of the words, which is always good.  Check ’em out live a few months ago playing one of the really good new songs.


2 thoughts on “Descendents new album

  1. 1. Is that the original bass player? If so, wow, he sure is looking different these days (skinhead will do that to you).

    2. Back in the day the Fat EP and the first two albums were up there with anything hardcore in my book. They kinda lost me at All and I can’t say I ever went back.

    3. This isn’t bad (not a whoa-ah-oh to be found, thank God), although I’ll admit I’m not running out to buy it.

    4. Rock ‘n’ roll Hall clowns Green Day and their fifth-rate ilk owe everything to bands like The Descendents.

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