The Traditional Fools, a medley

So, came across this band tonight. A few years old, so not new, and referencing old music mostly, but trying more.

This song, Please, is like a soul cover, but it might be an original.

This is catchy. A real cover.

I like this one because it starts out like a Crystals song, though it goes in a different direction. But there is a lot of music, harmonies and arrangement going on here. And maybe I’m thinking of the Shangri-las.

One thought on “The Traditional Fools, a medley

  1. Garage-y.

    Wasn’t expecting much, for some reason (like when Lawr listens to my posts), but came away pleasantly surprised.

    Like the first one a lot. Reminds me of The Saints.

    Third one reminds me of any number of amateurish but sort of good American punk bands that came out in the first wave, when most of the best stuff was British. Had an album called “Afrika Korps” with a bunch of bands doing one song on which the third song would fit well.

    Don’t like the second one.

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