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  1. Steve, I am really sorry, but this clip does nothing for me. It is intense, for sure, but not so much musical, and outrage, but towards what? It just doesn’t seem “smart” (like the Clash) or “funny” (like the Pistols or Ramones) or sexy (like X). not like i have become an old man, screaming at you kids or any of that shit.

    As for being nominated, these guys are at least as good as Journey, who was also nominated. One thing i like about baseball’s HOF is it is possible for no one to get in. It was hard to take seriously before Deep Purple.

    • This whole deal inspired me to dig out my CD version of the BB’s debut cassette tape. Not like I don’t ever listen to it; just had to listen to it right away.

      Good God. The first few songs and a trio of songs later on the album, beginning with “Big Takeover” are simply like nothing else. The second song on the album “Don’t Need It” has a guitar sound I can only liken to playing with a hornet in your underwear.

      The Pistols commanded power like this at times, in a different way, but Clash, Ramones and X are minor leagues compared to the best the Bad Brains have to offer. Smart? Funny? Sexy? Who gives a shit when there’s a wasp in your drawers?

      I know this site favors smart, funny and sexy (and not even rock ‘n’ roll – a lot), but man, the feeling in my sizeable gut knows what it knows. If you don’t get it, I feel sorry for you.

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