4 thoughts on “Hell Has Frozen Over

  1. This has to be the 4th or 5th time Search and Destroy has been used in a commercial. So my question is: if it’s so damn good that millions are swayed, why didn’t anyone buy it when it was released? I mean, you’d have to look far and wide to find a more hated band than the Stooges. So what’s the deal? Is this just belated cultural triumph? I’d really like to know.

  2. Same thought about Blitzkrieg Bop, which I couldn’t believe was being played at spring training game in the mid 90s. It took 36 years for that first Ramones elpee to go gold (half a million sales), which is incredible, since everyone who bought the vinyl also bought the CD. I’m not sure if this is cultural triumph or cooption.

  3. It’s because the same guys who were dancing to the beat of the living dead in the 70s are now shopping for Audi’s.

    Don’t know why I didn’t get the memo as I had more money in 1977 than I do now.

  4. Ezra Pound syndrome. “Show me a man who isn’t a Commie when he is 20 and I will show you a fool: Show me a man who is a Commie when he is 50 and I will show you a fool.”

    They used the Zep (Rock and Roll) for Cadilac, Beatles (Revolution) and god, a horrible Who (Eminence Front, which I really dislike even with the Who being my fave band) adding to the perversion years ago.

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