3 thoughts on “Skoal, Brother

  1. Love this tune, never heard it before tonight. I do want more about where it came from originally, just because that part seems to have been missed.

  2. This song was a hit for Tyrone in late 1969-1970, his first hit. Wikipedia says it made #5 on the pop charts which surprised me. He’s better known for the follow up, which I do remember as a huge hit. This is a damn good one too:

  3. Holy cow. During a long career Davis had three No. 1 R+B hits. Turn Back the Hands of Time was the biggest, peaking at No. 3 on the pop chart. He started out as Freddie King’s chauffeur. Can I change my Mind was initially the B side of his first release, A Woman Needs to Be Loved. It went gold in 1968. His other No. 1 came in 1975, called Turning Point. His last charting song was Flashing Back in 1988, but he had a successful live career up until the stroke that eventually killed him in 2005. He left behind a widow, Ann, to whom he’d been married for 40 years, and children and grandchildren.

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