Compare and Contrast: For the Love of Money

Live at Daryl’s House is this oddball show. The idea. Musicians go to Daryl Hall’s house and record songs with Daryl Hall.

When it started Daryl Hall seemed to be bankrolling these video casts, which were available on his website, and it was hard to see how this was a sustainable program. But the quality was always exemplary, the pairings interesting, the musicians great.

I came upon this O’Jays show tonight. Here’s For the Love of Money at Daryl’s House:

It’s not my favorite O’Jays song, it’s kind of a Temps’ rip, but there’s lots to like in that live version. Including Daryl Hall’s vocalsĀ . Here’s the much-more restrained original:


2 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast: For the Love of Money

  1. Another example of the great soul music of the pre-disco 70’s. Great version here, great original. Since this isn’t your fave O’Jays song, Peter, “Backstabbers” must be. I think they went downhill pretty fast, the Philly song machine dried up. Not too many better songs than this:

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