A Little Housekeeping

1) Just started reading Under The Big Black Sun:A Personal History Of L.A. Punk by John Doe. It’s a little pretentious (like X) but I can tell it’s gonna be a great read. Highly recommended.

2) Despite overwhelming contrary consensus here (some rock ‘n’ roll site, huh?), the book reminds me that disco truly did (and does) suck.

3) Was forced to listen to Down At The Sunset Grill at the supermarket this morning. Sheesh, what a piece of dog shit. Toggles between droning (not in a good way) and meandering. What is the appeal of this music? Someone, please tell me.

8 thoughts on “A Little Housekeeping

  1. All I ever said was that ALL disco doesn’t suck. I could never understand genre hatred. It’s like hating black and white movies, or hating happy endings. I mean, I can’t stand most country music but how can I not like “Stand By Your Man” or “Flowers on the Wall” or much of Hank Williams? It, like, depends on the song.

    • I tried hard and can’t think of one disco song I like, not even in a silly or tongue-in-cheek way. You can try telling me songs that I should like, but I doubt it’s gonna work.

      Wasn’t picking on you personally, either. You were just one voice of several. I did think it was odd that a rock ‘n’ roll site had an “express your love for disco” moment. Very “Rolling Stone.” Very Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. (Skip at least several pioneering, essential rock bands, but let’s show our appreciation for disco!)

  2. I’m hardly a troll but I find so much here to disagree with. When I was young I too believed that disco sucked. Now I look back and admire the fact that it appealed to a diverse group of Americans. Discos were full of black and Latino dancers, in addition to white ethnics. Punk and metal were popular mainly among white people. If we’re going to diss disco we have to reckon with this. And, as Peter Kreutzer pointed out to me, many of the influential leaders of punk and rock embraced it. I know it’s about the music. But I think many of us were blind to the value of the music as Joe Strummer, PiL, etc. were not.

    • I’m only here to tell it like it is for me, my friend. As one of my heroes R. Crumb once said, “I’m not here to be polite.” If blacks and Latinos and Joe Strummer and John Lydon loved disco, good for them – I hate it. Personally, I don’t have much for The Clash post-“Black Market Clash” and I’ve always thought Lydon’s taste in music was pretty sucky, if diverse.

      Kind of reminds me when folks tell me I should like a band “because they’re so talented.” I don’t give a hoot.

      Music to me is how it hits me in the (ample) gut, plain and simple. Maybe I’m just stupid.

    • Best I can do is say it takes me back to the summer of 1974. But it’s no more musically pleasing to me than “Rock Your Boat” or ” The Night Chicago Died.”

      Give me “Radar Love.”

  3. Why is no one defending “Down At The Sunset Grill”?

    Guess there’s no need to take a “Which sucks more, disco or Don Henley?” poll.

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