The Abysmal State Of Pop Music

Sorry to beat a dead horse; maybe I should just join a different gym.

The videos they play are just so godawful and I do suspect they’re a very fair representation of today’s pop. Every song is the same. Every video is the same.

Today they played a video by Dua Lipa followed by a video of Pia Mia. You can’t make this shit up!

I certainly won’t bother you with either of these videos lest I perpetuate this plague. (Believe me, you’re not missing anything.)

Happy Memorial Day!

One thought on “The Abysmal State Of Pop Music

  1. I agree with you . The music of today on the whole lacks any depth . A few years you could remember the members of the bands , now , you never know hardly anyone . E.g. Did we know the other members of Oasis other than Noel and Liam and they became one of the biggest bands at the time . The guitarists only seem to strum guitars in a ragged way , no skill !!! Just make a noise. Melody has gone . Girls sound the same . Hardly any difference between their sounds . Rap is awful and extremely boring .

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