Worst Video Ever

A new Planet Fitness opened close to my house, so I quit the Y and joined. $10 a month can’t be beat. But the music they play is pure horrible.

I’ve seen this video several times now and I can ignore it no longer. Here’s the plot:

1) There’s this lonely Bro Country guy in the desert.

2) One night he sees something like a falling star very nearby.

3) He checks it out and meets an alien/feral/Native American woman. Nubile and beautiful, of course.

4) They tool around and drink Bud Light (perhaps most offensive).

5) It’s implied that they fuck later. (I’m hoping she has a big lobster claw where her vagina should be.)

The band sickens me too, looking exactly like every band should look these days. The music certainly doesn’t make up for anything.

I would happily offer everyone in this video to ISIS, as my gift.

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