Rediscovering Supershit

Was putting together my playing wish list for the new forming band I’m in last night. Honestly, I’m pretty excited. Two guitars – Gibson/Marshall, good singer too (not me).

Realized how long it had been since I spun the Supershit 666 EP, so I stopped in my tracks and did it. Retains the title of best piece of recorded music ever. And, consequently, it must be the most underrated piece of recorded music ever, because I never see it mentioned – anywhere. I’ll bet 99.99999999 percent of the music world doesn’t even know it exists. This has to play at my funeral after-party as my last statement to the world. (Am I full of shit or what? Glenn Frey and Don Henley have nothing on me.)

Take a listen to this original song by The Rods. The first Rods album is supposedly an underrated classic in and of itself. Never got it, because what I sample sounds a little too 80s for my liking.

Now take a listen to the Supershit cover. They run it over like a snowplow burying Peter Kreutzer’s car after a Brooklyn blizzard (quite the colorful writer, I am).

The “slight” change to the opening lyric line says it all:

One thought on “Rediscovering Supershit

  1. SuperShit666 happens to be my password for most of my bank accounts, with the special character dollarsign, so don’t tell me I’m soft.

    This is a great comparison of a weakish punk song and a propulsive version by crazed Scandinavian musicians.

    The Supershit666 are great.

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