4 thoughts on “Josh and Iggy Riff on Colbert

  1. Hah! Numbers! Again!

    1) This reminds me a lot of Bowie’s “Let’s Dance.” Can’t say I’m a big fan of that Bowie era or “Lust For Life” Iggy either. Can’t say I even know that much of either.

    2) I try new, critically-favored Iggy stuff every few years and I’ve never been able to get over his now croaking-frog voice with any attempt.

    3) I heard a better Iggy/Josh song that they also just released but I can’t remember the name.

    4) I am still excited about this combo and will buy it as soon as it comes out. I will find a way to go see them unless the album totally sucks.

    5) Dave Grohl wishes he was Josh Homme. (But they’re friends.)

    6) Here’s a cool Bowie “worst to best” albums list. I say “cool” because it has the balls to make Ziggy #1 and Hunky #2, as it should be.


    • What I thought on this was that that last QotSA elpee reminded me a lot of Bowie, and now Josh and his hommes are working with a Bowie protege. Small freaking world!

      Or, we’re all connected!

      I’m shooting from the hip here, I’m sure I’m an idiot on this, but in my life experience Lust for Life is bigger than any Bowie album. Bowie songs are bigger, way bigger, better and way better maybe, but that album at that time was constant on my platter and in my life. I was living in Hoboken. The other song that I pin to that time was Dance This Mess Around.

      Does that explain anything?

      • QOTSA has always had an ample percentage of Bowie in it, probably a big reason they’re one of my faves.

        “Lust For Life” better than “Ziggy” “Hunky” “Diamond Dogs” “Aladdin Sane”? Wow. That’s a bold statement. But coming from a guy with true musical cred it makes me curious. Admittedly I know little about LFL. Should I be giving it a try? Is there a chance? And way to put your balls on the line, Peter. That’s what this site should be about, IMHO. Not WWRSD – What Would Rolling Stone Do? (Too bad Glenn Frey’s dead, I guess, but THE EAGLES FUCKING SUCK!!! Always did and always will. There’s some old punk rock song with some line about doing something not nice to Glenn Frey that I can’t remember anything else about. Was hoping to present it, but can’t pull it out of my feeble brain. Maybe some day.)

        I played once in Hoboken. At “the” place to play (forget the name). As a member of Dick Destiny And The Highway Kings, opening for The Meatmen. The two things I remember most are that they let you have a full meal off the menu between setup and playing time (and it was a decent eatery) and that, during sound check, The Meatmen’s new, young black guy guitarist was whizzing through Slash’s “Appetite For Destruction” leads, note-for-note. This was long before “Appetite For Destruction” had become cliche. It had pretty much just come out and this “new 70s hard rock throwback thing” was exciting. (I could probably confirm dates if necessary.)

        “Dance This Mess Around”? Has nothing whatsoever to do with Bowie, Iggy, or QOTSA as far as I’m concerned, but that first B-52s album is, indeed, a gem. I’d venture to say vastly underrated. They never came close again as far as I’m concerned.

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