Television, Venus

Entranced by Cowgirl in the Sand and those various guitar sounds, I have to ask what happened when I heard this music back in 1977?

An urban art history version, huh!, of Cowgirl in the Sand, or maybe some other dueling guitar sound songs out of Neil and CSNY, Duane and Dickie, or something way more off kilter.

I love when Tom says, Richie says, let’s dress up like cops and see what we can do. That’s still scary today.

Hmm, now that I started this I’m thinking that Cowgirl is much more like Marquee Moon or The Dream Dreams the Dreamer, from Television’s second album. Whatever. Listen to it all. It’s not my fault.

3 thoughts on “Television, Venus

  1. Many songs remind me of other songs but this one is one of a kind. Why in the world they released Little Johnny Jewel as their first single when they could have released this is a mystery far beyond my comprehension.

  2. It sounds like they recorded four songs, including Venus, with Brian Eno and didn’t like the sound. It took a couple of years to find a record label that would let Verlaine produce and so those original songs didn’t get recorded. According to Wikipedia, Verlaine wanted Little Johnny Jewel, while Lloyd wanted a song called O Mi Amore, which I don’t think I know, as the first single.

    In any case, when Venus was released on 45 it was as the B side to Prove It.

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