Cowgirl In the Sand

Playing  a Neil Young song on this site is like putting lipstick on a pig. Young is the ultra dude of American rock, the shot of tequila in your eye, the collateral skag, unless he was getting quiet.

Plus, he’s a star. Like Dylan, Joni, and the rest.

But driving to Boston for the feast today I got put in mind of this song, which I typed almost all my college papers to (because the vinyl was longer than the usual pop record).

Sorry, this is mainstream, but these are killer guitars, some of which sound like the guitar I made out of a shoebox when I was in fifth grade. It made sounds, it didn’t endure. But this does.

2 thoughts on “Cowgirl In the Sand

  1. Always been ambivalent about this dude because he invented the whine and because of his self-righteous streak, but both are well under control here and this is a great album. And give him credit, at his most popular he challenged his audience rather than dive into the sap like so many of his bandmates. He uses contrast really well, especially his jagged guitar against the pretty tunes.

  2. I hardly consider Neil to be self-righteous. i do consider him principled. it took me a long time to get to him (kind of like the Zep) but now i am clearly an admirer and fan.

    he is fearless as an artist, willing to literally go his own way no matter what anyone else thinks. most of the time it works. but, since he mixes styles and pushes the envelope, the results are always interesting.

    and, well, if self righteous is stuff like resurrecting Lionel trains, or that vinyl is better than digital, but he was also right in doing/saying so.

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