My Favorite Dickie

Since they “came up” recently, I thought of The Dickies for the first time in a while. Way more famous for covers than originals – from Paranoid to Silent Night – this is my favorite Dickies song nonetheless. Why?:

1) The scientific-sounding guitars over the Barracuda-like rumble (Heart sucks, by the way) are A+.

2) Always wanted to play this song. What could be cooler than chanting “Mole Men, Mo-a-ole Men” live on-stage?

3) The line “Beware of the head Mole Man Jack,” obviously a desperate attempt at something to rhyme with the previous “back” and “attack,” is so awful lyrically it becomes beautiful eventually.

By the way, in college, I owned a long-sleeved t-shirt with that phallic Dickies symbol on it. It got a lot of laughs in the cafeteria.

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