It’s Concert Time!

Uncle Acid is touring in September to support their new album, also coming out in early September. As one of the few surviving bands still worth a shit, you owe it to yourself to see them in September when they are near. Ticket price $20. (My girlfriend made me take her to Elvis Costello and Steely Dan(?!?) recently and it cost me $300 for two decent seats. “Thank God by the time bands get to this level I either don’t care about them anymore or never did,” I thunk to myself.)

Anyway, here’s the newly released “single” (look out Bad Blood!). Sweet Sabbath drone with sweet Lennon vocals and two even sweeter guitar solos. See you in Philly on September 13th.

4 thoughts on “It’s Concert Time!

  1. Hey Steve, do you know this album? I’m sure Peter & Lawr do, being of a certain age, but it was big in 1969-1970. This Uncle Acid song called the opening track to my damaged mind. We are all 21st Century Schizoid Men. I know because Marshall McLuhan told me.

  2. I’m gonna sound real ignorant here (what else is new?). I know very well OF that album. Don’t have it or know it though. The song that I always seem to run into is “Court Of The Crimson King” which always seemed kind of pompous and boring to me.

    Is this an album I need? (Keep the ignorance pouring.) I certainly like this song.

  3. This is quite the best thing on the album imo, and unlike the rest of the album as I recall. The song Epitaph is kinda pretty. I always thought the middle part of this one was speeded up in the studio – the drummer especially is way fast and and tight. I like the way it comes out of the middle part too – that’s the one good thing about jam songs, when they all come back in on the main riff.

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