Lunch Break: Beck, “Satellite of Love”

I never seem to be able to watch the entire Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions all in one shot. The broadcasts, on HBO, usually run about four hours, and my body has a muscle memory chip to fall asleep anytime I watch TV for more than 90 minutes at a stretch.

I did catch the end, though, the other day, and there was a lovely induction speech for Lou Reed by Patti Smith, and then an equally lovely acceptance by Lori Anderson, and then the live tribute, which began with Beck leading the performance of Satellite of Love.

I  must admit that though I love Reed and the song, that my first thoughts of the title go to the wonderful late 80’s-early 90’s TV show, Mystery Science Theater (MST). MST’s premise was a shlubby janitor (Joel Hodgson) gets zapped into space and is forced to watch crappy movies and the results can be registered. If you check the Wiki link, you will see more, but Joel named the ship on which he was marooned “The Satellite of Love,” in an obvious homage to Reed.

So, you get  goofy clip, and now a pretty joyful version of the source. Miss you Lou!

One thought on “Lunch Break: Beck, “Satellite of Love”

  1. I am ambivalent about the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. On the one hand, its great that musicians get their due. On the other hand, there’s something not very rock’n’roll about a rock’n’roll of fame.

    Former drummer for Operation Ivy, Dave Mello, a resident of El Cerrito, got a shout out from Green Day during the induction ceremonies. That was cool.

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