Live From Roosters Roadhouse, a Report From Mike Fenger

Mike Fenger says: Friday night at Rooster’s Roadhouse in Almeda (CA), had a great time with the Biletones (featuring Rock Remnants’ very own Lawr Michaels, second from right). I had a good time, nice music! The first (called-out) original, the instrumental one, was really nice. The Dylan was excellent as well; liked the Weight and Everybody Knows this is Nowhere. (click picture to enlarge)


One thought on “Live From Roosters Roadhouse, a Report From Mike Fenger

  1. Thx Mike! It was a fun set. Anyone in the Chicago area, we will be playing The Chicago Loop Sports Bar in Streamwood, Ill, and Frankie’s Blue Room, in Naperville 7/17 and 7/18! come see us and say hi! And, back at Roosters for Halloween,

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