Finally Got Me A Sonics Album

Their debut – Here Are The Sonics – came from Amazon yesterday. It’s pretty great.

I was inspired by news of their brand new album that’s getting some notice. Apparently, they’re still kicking ass in their 70s.

The cover (many covers on this album) of Roll Over Beethoven kind of sums up my favorite rock ‘n’ roll – a Chuck Berry base with punk chutzpah.

But this one’s my very favorite, a cover of a band called The Wailers, who have nothing to do with reggae. I found a video with pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure as well, definitely a respite from having to look at those dirty stinky Slayer guys.

If I had to sum up The Sonics in a phrase it would be “the white Little Richard.” That’s a compliment.

3 thoughts on “Finally Got Me A Sonics Album

  1. Oh yeah. It’s a great album, also love their version of “Have Love, Will Travel” and the immortal “Boss Hoss.” Because it’s painted “turn-on red.” “Strychnine” is preatty great too.

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