Lohse Gets Bombed: Arctic Monkeys

I had my 12-year-old for the Easter weekend and she turned me on to this song by Arctic Monkeys. I’ve read good things about them in the past, but never dived/dove/deeved in.

This song is so Queensy it’s ridiculous. Did they copy? QOTSA started in 1996, AM started in 2002. You tell me.

Yet whereas (Jack White thinks and I agree), the Black Keys copied the White Stripes and Jack White hates them for it, I’m pretty sure king Queen Josh Homme is good friends with the Monkeys.

In any case, I’m so desperate for good music I don’t already know right now, I’m gonna give it a try. Mary Lou played two other songs for me – one was equally Queensy and the other was T. Rex. (Did you know Marc Bolan was only copied by about a trillion bands and isn’t within 10 football fields of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame? If I’ve said that a trillion times before, please get used to it.)

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