Evan “Snake” Davies’ The Metal District, on WFMU!

TheLondonQuireboysI woke up today to a reminder that I hadn’t listened to Evan Davies’ show on WFMU last Wednesday night. It turns out that on April Fools Day Evan had a show dedicated to metal, the musical style that brought much crunching pulchritude to MTV, and lots of musical derision. All of it earned.

But listening to the show today I was reminded just how catchy some of these tunes were, which is why they were on MTV in the first place. You can see the playlist here, and sample the show or listen straight through.

But I wanted to highlight a few tunes I’d never heard before, or was too wasted to remember.

One thought on “Evan “Snake” Davies’ The Metal District, on WFMU!

  1. How I fucking hate hair metal. Stupid processed guitar sound. Stupid interchangeable singers. Stupid interchangeable looks and stage presence. Really stupid obligatory power ballads.

    Sea Hags is a great name although the song blows.

    The middle song blows.

    London Quireboys ain’t bad, because it’s not a hair metal song. My guess is it’s a fluke.

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