Song of the Week – I Am Constant, Climax Blues Band


It can’t be denied that the Climax Blues Band was basically a “one hit wonder” with their #3 “Couldn’t Get It Right” in 1977. I know, they had another “hit” that reached #12 in 1981, but I don’t even know how “I Love You” goes.

But this limited chart success belies how good this band really was. I always enjoyed the two albums that preceded their hit – FM Live (1974) and Stamp Album (1975). FM Live was taped from a concert that was broadcast live on WNEW in New York, the first FM station I listened to as a teenager. In fact, the album cover shows a receiver tuned to 102.7, NEW’s frequency.


There are live versions all over YouTube so I’ll share the version of “I Am Constant” from Stamp Album.

By the time this album came out, the British band had moved on from their bluesy roots (though they kept the reference in their name) and was performing songs more like their contemporaries, The Doobie Brothers and Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

“I Am Constant” relies on steady shuffle beat, tight harmonies and a nicely placed sax solo. The lyrics are a straightforward statement of loyalty and integrity.

Enjoy… until next week.

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