Top 10 Punk Rock Songs 2014, From New York

Screenshot 2015-02-20 15.17.47The Village Voice published this list in December, but I just bumped into it. The idea of it seems silly, but listening to the 10 songs there is definitely a hard noisy sound that the writer favors. And it is punky without being nostalgic, which means it has an attitude, which is good. What the 10 songs didn’t have were hooks, but I liked La Misma and played some of their other songs, which sound like the one in the list here, and the Hank Wood and the Hammerheads song made me root around for others. I like this one, though I suppose it is more throwback than others, it also stokes the pleasure center.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Punk Rock Songs 2014, From New York

  1. Well bless your heart, Peter. This song and a lot referenced in that article are really good, definitely worth further exploration. This afternoon I almost feel like music hasn’t passed me by.

    Get outta my house!

  2. I kinda like this song, though I am not sure Punks exists any more. In fact other than the Ramones, I don’t think there were other American punk bands. At least I think of the American version as the New Wave.

    Cos Punk in England was as much about class outrage as anything. And, however fucked up Americans are, class doesn’t really factor in (there is a difference between being wealthy and controlling, and being Lord Grantham).

    Unless being trailer trash is tantamount to being Cockney or from Shepherd’s Bush?

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