OBIT: Bon Scott (February 19, 1980)

As I have written, there is not a lot of music Diane and I agree upon, but early AC/DC is one.

And, well, those of us here in Remnantland might have our differences in taste and style, but I can promise you all of us loved vocalist Bon Scott, who died 35 years ago yesterday, of what his death certificate said was “death by misadventure.”

I suspect Bon probably had a good laugh about that one somewhere the great beyond (or wherever).

Since A Long Way to the Top (my favorite AC/DC song) has visited here before, let’s filthy and chintzy.

One thought on “OBIT: Bon Scott (February 19, 1980)

  1. Bless your heart, Lawr. Bon’s my favorite rock ‘n’ roll singer of all-time. Voice, swagger and the most underrated rock poet ever. Perfect iambic pentameter every time.

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