Gnip Gnop: The End Is Here

Breaking news – Hans Condor is not available on CD. You have to download it. That’s the only option.

Meanwhile I involuntarily heard that godawful Taylor Swift song THREE times in its entirety yesterday while tooling around various locales.

It’s official – Music Has Passed Me By.

Played Dwight Yoakam and Entombed yesterday in desperation.

3 thoughts on “Gnip Gnop: The End Is Here

  1. Love Gnip Gnop.Triggers all kinds of shit from my youth.

    I like Dwight Yoakam. Saw him many years ago with his great guitar player, Pete Anderson (have a disc of his, too).

    But, there still is some good shit out there. Just nothing like Satanic Majesty and Sgt Pepper and Ogden’s Nut Gone all being released within a few months of one another any more, it seems. At least not for me.

    But, I remember riding up to Lake Tahoe when I was 12 or so, and the ads for Harrah’s Tahoe were Robert Goulet was appearing now, and Jerry Vale would be next, and thinking, “ugh, how do people pay for that crap?”

    40 years later I am driving to the lake and the Harrah’s sign says now appearing Bob Seeger, and Carlos Santana next.

    I do confess to liking both those guys, at least for a while in the 60’s and 70’s, but neither interests me any more.

    However, if I am a 12-year old riding in the back seat of my parents car, and I see that billboard, I think “ugh, who would pay for that crap?”

    I don’t think the music passed us by so much, but people our age no longer dictate what gets paid or sells (if that is what you mean by passed by, then yes).

    Just part of the process, I suppose, but, if you are indeed the king of searching for the remnants of rock, remember the nuggets may be hard to find, but they are indeed tastier with age and experience. At least they are to me, and I hope that continues.

    At least I have Lindsay to turn me onto Dr. Dog and Citizen Cope. All I have to do is listen.

  2. One option: Buy the download, burn it to CD. Then you have the CD and you’re not passed by.

    The problem with Hans Condor is they pressed some thousands of Cds and sold them all. They’re just newly back together, so they have yet to figure out a rerelease, but they are supposedly so great live that I fully expect them to bloom.

    In the meantime, burn.

  3. OK.

    I bought. I burned.

    Next I will listen. Then I will tell.

    (Must admit, I put in the CD to see if it worked and I couldn’t pull it out before the first song was over. Great start. Although I now have to carry around a magic marker CD, one step above a pure download – ugh.)

    In return, please don’t write a Grammys report. I hate the aspect of RR that tries to be MTV News.

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