Night Music: Queen, “I’m In Love With My Car”

I was reminded of this one tonight while reading Karl Ove Knaussgard’s third volume of My Struggle, which was about his Boyhood. At one point he says this is the record he loved most as a third or fourth grader.

This is the song I loved most from this album. Lots of Brian May (and how do I remember that?) and less Freddie, but the same grand style, travertine and fountains really, but also big rocking ovals of pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Night Music: Queen, “I’m In Love With My Car”

  1. Ooooooh, man. This was my favorite album for months when it came out. I played it at home, i taped it and had the cassette in my car, and knew every lick of “Bohemian Rhapsody” way before Wayne’s World was a thought.

    Great song, great album (although I am ok that punk wound up rescuing me from all the over-productions of bands). No synths, right?

  2. Never much liked Queen (I like the Queens though). Overshadowing Brian May and his wonderful, unique homemade guitar sound is all that operatic bullshit.

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