Palate Cleanse: It Didn’t Matter To Me

With the exception of Jones/Costello, things have been on a dismal streak here at RR, from Beaver Brown (seriously? John Cougar-copy Beaver Brown?) to Super Bowl po(o)p and related other pop shit (does anyone actually click on those songs?). Proud to say I still don’t know the lady who sang the national anthem and I didn’t know who Missy Elliot was when she showed up either – I thought she was a man.

What I give you here is from the album I listened to on the way to my Super Bowl party yesterday. A lesson in iambic pentameter, the way the title rolls off the tongue makes the song all by itself.

Just say no to Shit Pop Remnants.

4 thoughts on “Palate Cleanse: It Didn’t Matter To Me

  1. How can you call yourself a music expert and at the same time be proud of your musical ignorance? THERE’S NO SENSE TO IT.

  2. I think I’m a musical expert. But my feelings are hurt and I’m actually crying right now over Adele’s insensitivity.

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