Night Music: Robots, “In the Sign of the Octopus”

The Hellacopters covered this one on their Head Off kiss off album of covers they thought we should all know about.

It’s very solid, paranoid and driving, but I’m excited because it has a crazy stanza (and a fine guitar solo):

We are everywhere
in the sign of the Octopus
It’s just a six-letter word
You can see it clearly now
But it is still obscured
And your vision will be blurred.

What is the six-letter word? Certainly not octopus.

2 thoughts on “Night Music: Robots, “In the Sign of the Octopus”

  1. I don’t mention “Head Off” around here often, probably because I think it’s only very good, not great. Plus it meant the end of the Copters, which is sad.

    Strange vocal, way up front and clearly flat sometimes, particularly on “word” in the chorus.

    I should chase these “Head Off” bands down because they really are obscure. Thank you, Peter. I had never heard this before.

    R-o-b-o-t-s is my best guess on the six-letter word.

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