Ham Sandwich: Graveyard & Christopher Cross

Stumbled upon this today and, with many sincere apologies, I just couldn’t resist.

1) Members of Graveyard: “Now that’s a singer!!!”

2) This seems to be the go-to song whenever the Swedish Musician Friends Network gets together.

3) Perhaps this will eventually be the Swedish National Anthem.

4 thoughts on “Ham Sandwich: Graveyard & Christopher Cross

  1. Few more observations, upon repeated viewings:

    1) What superb-quality video.

    2) If nothing else, Lawr likes that Rick bass. Can’t tell if it’s blue or black.

    3) Funny. When the solo part comes along, Nicke obviously thinks the wrong guy is the lead guitarist by the direction he looks in. It takes him a few seconds to figure out it’s the other guy he’s gonna be trading with. The camera work on the solo is as abysmal as the video is great. By the time they point to the soloist it’s the other guy, multiple times.

  2. I like the three guitar players and what they’re doing. That’s one of the things that works much better with better technology. And I like the Orange amps. The Blasting Room has one.

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