Breakfast Blend: Pet Sematary

I don’t know if you remember the beginning of the movie of Pet Sematary, but it is great stupid fun. Plus it involves a tractor trailer truck.

Here’s a cover of the Ramones’ classic theme song for the movie, by a Swedish band from the 80s called the Backyard Babies. Good solid stuff. I don’t think anyone would mind if this were the original, though it ain’t the Ramones.

What is most definitely not the original is Blondie covering this song live, which they did often through the years after it’s debut in 1989. Blondie’s modus was to play great songs, regardless of style, so that explains that. This recording isn’t great, but Debbie is and you get the idea.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: Pet Sematary

  1. Let’s be frank. The Ramones sucked by the time of “Pet Sematary.” I thought their last even half-decent album was “End Of The Century” and if you want to tell me that sucked too, I won’t offer much resistance.

    Pictures of The Ramones including Tommy should only be allowed on videos from the super-duper first three albums. You can’t fool me.

    More on Backyard Babies/Dregen soon. Glad you brought it up.

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