Night Music: Pink Fairies, “City Kids”

For their third album, Larry Wallis joined the Pink Fairies. That may not be so monumental, except that after he left the Fairies Wallis was a founding member of Motorhead, with Lemmy of course, and one of the original Stiff Records artists, as well as in-house producer for Stiff. City Kids is one of his tunes recorded on the prophetic Kings of Oblivion album in 1973.

One thought on “Night Music: Pink Fairies, “City Kids”

  1. How do the Pinks not get credit as protopunks? Did some journalist not like them? It’s so obvious, but even I who knew better had all but forgotten. Seminal, baby. Thank you, Peter. This also reminds me that it wasn’t only New York and London, but at the same time or even before in Sydney were the Saints.

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