Breakfast Blend: The Only Ones

I own the UK version of the first Only Ones album because I couldn’t wait for a US release, which eventually combined their first two elpees when it eventually did arrive.

Coming upon England’s Glory this week got that US album in heavy rotation at my house. It is stellar, above and beyond the hit that categorizes them as one hit wonders, Another Girl Another Planet. So, listen to the whole thing if you get a chance, but here’re two for kicks.


This clip shows the vastly superior UK cover art.

3 thoughts on “Breakfast Blend: The Only Ones

  1. I saw ’em at the Ritz in NYC in about 1980, they were great, with special guest Johnny Thunders who did Like a Rolling Stone with them. Johnny and Peter were good friends, sharing a common interest in white powders, and Peter Perrett is all over JT’s solo album So Alone. PP is unmistakeable here:

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