3:30 Stapler: I Have An Idea

We should find a top 10 or 20 albums of 2015 list and each pick or get assigned an album that we don’t have or know but we have some remote chance of liking and then review it.

I’m interested in, admittedly most likely, calling bullshit on something that’s supposed to be great or, even better but less likely, discovering something new and good.

Boss Peter could decide the list and the assignments or we could have a draft or something. Only rule is everyone has to give their album at least five entire spins.

Waddya think? (“That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard” is a valid answer.)

5 thoughts on “3:30 Stapler: I Have An Idea

  1. Sounds good except I refuse to listen to a bad album five times. Three is more than enough to get specific about shit, whether I think it’s shit or it is shit (as defined by me).

  2. I would say the Pazz and Jop list is the best, but it may not arrive for another couple of weeks.

    Or should we go with the old guard (Rolling Stone, Spin) or the middle guard (Pitchfork) or the new guard, in which case we’ll need recommendations.

  3. It’s a horrible idea. Meaning, I am totally down for it.

    kind of with Gene about listening to bad shit, though.

    I get an NPR link to their best albums every year.

    I can scrounge for that.

    School just started, but we can ask Lindsay to pipe in for the “not an old man” perspective, perhaps?

    Maybe even make it an annual thing, maybe?

  4. Isn’t the fact that the album is on a best of the year list a “not an old man” perspective already?

    Sitting tight waiting for the official next step.

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