Up All Night! More Dimaggio. Via Pomplamoose.

The music making entity called Pomplamoose has been around for a while. They do cute covers of classic songs, with clever arrangements that build off their cute parts. She’s a cute singer. He’s a cute musician.

Their videos have generated 100s of millions of YouTube hits, which is good for them, and they recently went on tour to support their new album. I know nothing about the album or the tour, but they posted an accounting yesterday on Medium of what it means financially to be an internet sensation on the rock touring road.

Interestingly, they hired a real band to accompany them, which was expensive. And I think reflects well on their motives. It was also probably the reason they lost money.

All in all, I’m not a fan. Too cute. But as far as too cute goes, I like them, which I think is too their credit (since I have great taste). And not only did they go all transparent about their tour, which is a good thing, but they happened to cover Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson, which is a pretty good Joe Dimaggio song. Yesterday was his 100th birthday, if he was alive.

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