Breakfast Blend: Good Rats Plus

Peppi Marchello was the Good Rats’ singer, and the single constant throughout the band’s career, which ended when he died in 2013.

This is a band, the obit quoted Rolling Stone calling “the world’s most famous unknown band.” We don’t need Rolling Stone to tell us that that’s a rock remnant.

The Daily News says their 1974 album, Tasty, was their most successful, and that their biggest hit was the plaintive and slow-stomping Injun Joe.

And here’s a bootleg of a jam from 1974, with Tommy Bolin (who was in the James Gang for a while), Carmine Appice (the drummer in the Vanilla Fudge, and Beck, Bogert and Appice, of course) and the Good Rats. They’re playing at Ebbet’s Field, a famous small club in Denver Colorado in the early 70s.

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