One thought on “Night Music: Hellacopters, “Toys and Flavors”

  1. Happy Birthday, Peter! Whenever it was.

    Things no one cares about:

    1) Bass riff at the beginning of this is exquisite.

    2) Makes me blush when someone else posts a Hellacopters.

    3) This is from “High Visibility,” my Hellacopters discovery album. Each of their albums became at least a tiny bit more poppy, biggest jump coming from “Payin’ The Dues” to “Grande Rock.” If you play their first, “Supershitty To The Max” then “Head Off,” their last, it hardly seems like the same band.

    4) But if this is selling out, I could live with it. Every time. The pop stuff is just (well, almost) as good as the crazy, early stuff. Just different.

    5) Considering Nicke Andersson, Mr. Hellacopter, began in death metal band Entombed and now is in super power pop band Imperial State Electric, you can techically add more to both ends of the “turning pop” saga.

    6) Andersson is such a musical genius – top-notch from death metal to punk to hard rock to pop. And top-notch on guitar and drums (he’s probably actually best at drums). Like a super-duper rock ‘n’ roll All-Star. And next to no one around here has ever heard of him. The sad state of music in the USA.

    7) I know these songs so well and for so long, it’s funny, I’ve never bothered to watch some of the videos that go with them. Actually don’t think I’ve ever seen “Toys” before. And this one, from “Payin'” I just watched a few days ago. Note crazier original second guitarist Dregen here:

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