Night Music: Johnny Jenkins, “Bad News”

I didn’t know about this record until today, or maybe I forgot because I never heard the music until now.

In 1970 Duane Allman started recording a solo album, using what would become the Allman Brother’s original rhythm section (Butch Trucks, Jaimo, Berry Oakley). You can hear them all on this tune. Plus Duane, who was producing with Johnny Sandlin.

I don’t know what happened, but the tracks ended up being finished by Johnny Jenkins, a singer and guitarist who also had a band called the Pinetoppers, which was the first band Otis Redding sang in. Sweet on that. According to Wikipedia, Duane bailed on the sessions to record the first Allman Brothers album, which included brother Gregg as vocalist.

There’s a great version of Dr. John’s “Walk on Gilded Splinters” and a fine take on a song called “Voodoo in You” written by a guy named Jackie Avery, that was covered a few years later more heavily by the Atomic Rooster. But that’s a Blend for another day.

This is a J.C. Loudermilk blues, that has all the signature elements of an Allman Brothers song, plus a little farm….

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